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The Dangers of Huffing and Its Effect on Teenagers and Parents

April 9th, 2010 - Category: Uncategorized

This short clip from ABC News aired yesterday morning on the rise in popularity of huffing amongst young teenagers. Huffing is a method of getting high by means of inhaling toxic fumes such as can be found in most aerosols, gasoline, rubber cement, and even markers. Because of the accessibility of such products to children both at school and at home, huffing has become one of the most popular forms of drug abuse amongst young teens.

The report states that huffing is the most frequently used drug by 12 year olds and that there is higher use amongst 6th graders than seniors. This harmful, even deadly, form of drug abuse is currently used by over 1 million teens. This in mind, it is important that, as parents, we recognize the signs and the physical effects of huffing as it could be the difference in a child’s life

Signs of Huffing (What to Look For)

  • sudden disinterest in friends
  • sudden interest in new group of friends
  • slurred speech
  • disorientation
  • solvent residues near mouth or nose area
  • smell of aerosols on the individual
  • redness around eyes nose or mouth
  • household aerosol products are being used up abnormally fast

Physical Effects of Huffing

  • kills brain cells
  • negatively affects the heart (cardiac arrest can occur even with first time users)
  • dizziness
  • nausea/vomiting
  • choking
  • muscle damage
  • suffocation
  • cancer
  • bone marrow damage – reduces formation of blood cells
  • death

Please be aware of these signs and effects and make sure your children are informed of the negative effects of huffing. Pass this message on to your friends so that we all can take a stand against this devastatingly addictive habit.

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  1. felicia says:

    huffing is stuipd why would people want ot do that stufff

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