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10 Ideas for Spending Quality Family Time

May 4th, 2010 - Category: Family Time

Quality family time seems hard to come by when we’re driving in the fast lane in a world with fast cars, fast food, and the hope for fast fortunes. Quality time seems to be easily replaced with time spent working, cleaning the house, washing the car, rushing the kids to school, paying bills, and cooking dinner. The fact is, life can be super stressful and it is really hard to break out of the funk if we don’t MAKE time for our families.

I’ve asked some of our fans on facebook and our twitter followers for some suggestions on how they spend quality time with their families. I’ve also listed some of my own ideas in hopes to spark your mind or at least remind you of all of the fun things you can do with your family and that will allow you to take a breather from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and just hang out with the fam.

1. Search Your Local Information Website for Upcoming Events

This first idea comes from Julie in Arizona. She says, “We like to go to and see what’s happening that weekend in the kids and family section. They always have fun, free events and activities for young families to take advantage of: plays, puppet shows, museum tickets, kid fitness events. There is always something. You just have to want to find it!”

This idea is GREAT for families living in more urban areas that have a lot of events, but even in smaller communities you can check for upcoming events in the closest city to you and take the family on a day trip.

2. Take the Family On a Fishing Trip

Since the last one was more for the city folk, here’s one to bring out the “outdoorsman” in everyone. Grab a couple fishing rods, some powerbait, hooks, and sinkers, and load the family up on the SUV bound for the nearest fishing hole or stream. Sometimes it’s great to find a place where you have to hike a little ways to get to the fishing hole. This gives you more time to walk and talk as a family.

3. Sing Together

This is a great idea from Amandia in Washington DC. Amandia’s family likes to gather around the piano and warm up their vocal cords for a fun singing session. Some of the kids will bring their favorite instrument and they’ll all have a sort of “jam” session together. “It is such fun to see all the kids using and developing their talents,” says Amandia.

4. Attend a Sibling’s Sporting Event

There is some sort of power in supporting others. It not only helps them feel appreciated but it also helps you appreciate the accomplishments and talents of others more. As you take the other kids to watch a sibling play sports or participate in an activity or play, it really builds comradery and brings the family together.

5. Watch a TV Series Together

Find something that the whole family likes to watch. A lot of times reality and similar type shows are a favorite (Survivor, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Biggest Loser…etc).

6. Do a Service Project for a Neighbor or Close Friend

Find someone in the community that could use some help. Whether it be yard work, fixing up the house, or even just someone to come and keep them company, take the family and spend some time serving.

7. Go to the Movies

This seems a little overplayed but it can still be a good time. Especially if your family is not one to go out much, it can be a treat to take the whole family to the theater and watch a wholesome movie together. Talk about the movie afterwords, what each family member’s favorite part was, worst part, who was the best actor… etc.

8. Game Night

Board games and card games are a fan favorite for many families. Sometime it’s cool to break away from the norm though and try something different. Sherry from Wichita shares a cool story about one of her families successes with a new angle on game night. Sherry says, “One time we had a game night of clue and each person had to dress up as their character. We had a mystery dinner to go with it, too.” Awesome idea Sherry! Super innovative!

9. Pick the Meal Wheel

Make a spin wheel with the names of each family member. Spin the wheel and whoever the pin lands on that’s who gets to pick where you go for dinner that night AND what you eat (buckle your seat belt as you may be in for some exotic dishes). The next time you do it be sure to take the last person who won off the wheel to make sure everyone gets a chance.

10. Read Together

Find a good book that the family can enjoy. Pick a time each morning or evening when the family can get together for 15 minutes or so and site down to read together. You can talk about what you’ve ready during and after reading to get discussion from everyone.

11. Go For a Sunday Stroll

Chrysula from New York says, “One of our favorite family quality times is just going for a walk on Sunday afternoon. The kids get their bikes, which is a novelty after 9 years in Manhattan, and we stroll around the neighborhood.”

These are 11 great ideas for spending quality family time. I know there are a million more out there so I hope you’ll share some of yours with us. Feel free to comment below and let others know what your family does for fun. Don’t forget to sign up for the blog if you haven’t and assign your chores on your children’s online chart today.

Special thanks to our Facebook fans who helped contribute to the ideas for this post. You guys are awesome!!

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