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A Son’s “Thank You”

June 7th, 2010 - Category: Uncategorized

Good morning parents and MJC users. We have something very special for you to start off this week’s blog writing. A little over a week ago, we asked Jon, an Arizona native, to write an article about our parenting tips blog. We wanted him to offer his own perspective on parenting and how it has shaped his life. Jon is not a parent but is a college student at Arizona State University. Jon writes:

As a guest writer on the My Job Chart Parenting Tips Blog, I would like to take this post in a different direction. You see, I do not have any children yet, nor am I married. I will not pretend to write from my own experience as a parent, as that would be dishonest and most likely of no value to you the reader. I can however write from my experience as a son, and offer insight into what makes the biggest difference in the life of a child, as it has not been that long since leaving the nest.

I was blessed with what I consider to be role model parents. They weren’t always perfect, and they’ll be the first ones to tell you, but I would like to share with you some of the things that have impacted me and helped mold me into the man I am today. I will discuss three attributes: love, service, and discipline.


There was never a doubt in my mind that my parents loved me. I remember in elementary school, my mother would make our brown bag lunches for us. She would make my favorite peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a capri sun juice, chips, and maybe a pudding cup if we were lucky. And so often, there would be a little note from my dear mother. She would write something simple like, “Love you Jonny Boy” or “Hope you have a great day, Love Mom.” As can be expected from a seven year old I would read them, slightly embarrassed, so that none of my friends could see, since that would inevitably lead to teasing. But how these notes made a difference. Almost 20 years later I still remember them, and I knew my parents loved me. I’m not saying that little notes in lunch bags are all it takes to raise a child with love, but I believe that if the small things are being done, the big things will naturally follow.


I remember one December my family decided to do the Twelve Days of Christmas for a less fortunate family. This tradition involves making presents based on the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” and giving one present for each day before Christmas. My siblings and I would take the present and sneak up to their porch and knock and run, leaving the present on their doorstep. It was great fun as we imagined ourselves secret good doing spies! My parents taught us by example to serve others as well as those in our family.


When I was six my family moved into a large two story house in a small town in northern Arizona. It was definitely what you would call a “fixer upper”. Since then, we have been constantly working on it. Every Saturday my dad would wake me and my two older brothers up early and we would get to work. We tore down old walls, put up new walls, redid the floors and roof, and worked on the yard. Our entire family would work in the garden pulling weeds and harvesting. Through the sweat and hard work I learned about the rewards that follow. I saw the food that we grew in the garden become delicious meals prepared by my mother, and I saw the house around me transform into a home, a home we built with our own hands. My parents taught me discipline through hard work, and that is something I have carried with me my entire life that has helped me to excel.

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