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Mobile App with Ally Makes it easy

July 30th, 2012 - Category: My Job Chart

Users of My Job Chart have the unique ability to make saving and transferring money easy by using the Ally App.

Let us walk you through this process.

Parents assign kids chores.  Kids do chores and earn points.  These points represent money.  This money can be saved, shared or spent.

When a child wants to SAVE their points they simply allocate those points into the save category.  Once they do this, you as the parent will get an email from our system that let’s you know that they want to save.  If you have a smartphone you can simply go onto your phone and transfer the money into that kids savings account with Ally Bank.  Easy right?

One of the common questions we get asked is if you can transfer money from another bank into your Kids Savings Account with Ally.  The answer is, Yes!  You just set that up with Ally and you can transfer money from say, Bank of America to Ally with a click of a button.

Don’t have the app?  Go get it