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Non Monetary Rewards

September 25th, 2012 - Category: Money

Parents are so excited when their child finishes all of their chores.  But does the reward always have to be about money?  There are lots of rewards you can give your child that don’t have to cost you anything (or at least, not much).   Here are some ideas to consider.

Written Words:  A thank you note in their lunch.  A letter of appreciation left on their bed.  A posted note where everyone can see it.  Maybe on the fridge or the bathroom mirror.

Positive Attention:  Praise them in front of others.  Give them a Certificate of Recognition.

Time:  Give them some time off of chores.  Let them stay up half an hour later than usual.  Extra TV time, computer, or game time.

Parents:  Kids get to pick a family outing.  They get to pick a date with mom or dad.

Food:  Let them pick a meal.  They get to pick out dessert at the grocery store.  Give them the opportunity to pick the restaurant for dinner.

Favorite Things:  First dibs at their favorite toy or game.  They pick out the movie that weekend.  Have a treasure chest with inexpensive toys and snacks that they can choose from.

Friends:  Their friends get to come over for a play date or a sleepover.  Their friends get to come along for an outing.

When you use My Job Chart, kids really start to understand how to spend responsibly.  A point equals a penny and the more points add up, the more money they have to spend.

As kids earn points they are able to “spend” those points.  They can spend them by moving them to the SPEND category within My Job Chart.  The points can be spent on monetary rewards using our integrated store, or they can spend them on non monetary rewards like the ones mentioned above.

Once a reward is redeemed, our system will send you an email letting you know what they have decided to spend their points on.  If the reward is a non monetary reward, like the ones mentioned above, then it’s up to you to make sure it happens.

If you have other ideas for non monetary rewards, please feel free to leave a comment below.  And if you are looking for a way to easily manage your child’s chores.  Be sure to check out our free online chore chart at


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