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Teaching Kids Responsibility

October 31st, 2012 - Category: Kids and Responsibility

How do you awake a desire in your children to be more responsible?  How do you encourage them to be more diligent?  It can all start by nurturing your own enthusiasm of their independence.

It can be hard to cut those apron strings.  As a parent you want what is best for your children.  To step back and watch them make a mistake or a wrong decision is one of the hardest things to do.  But having an attitude of excitement for the progress and growth of your child will help the process.  Instead of being scared of the mistakes thy may make, appreciate the progress they do make.

To teach kids responsibility, teach them how to do something new by letting them assist you.  You can point out tips and how you expect the job to be done along the way.  List possible actions, outcomes, and consequences of different situations along the way.

Relay to them your personal experiences and how you succeeded or failed.  They need to know you are human too, so when they do fail, they know they can come to you for help and advise.

Ask them questions that will stimulate the thought process of how they can solve certain situations.  Guide them on where they can look for help but don’t make any decisions for them.  They may get frustrated and want you to give them a quick fix.  What can take you minutes, may take them days to figure out, but in the long run, advice will be better than doing it for them when you are teaching kids responsibility.

Remember that its’ O.K. if they decide to do something differently than we would.  It doesn’t make it wrong, just different.  Who knows, they may even prove you wrong!

As they come up with solutions to their problems, their self-esteem and confidence will increase, and they will become more responsible and independent.

At, kids can become more responsible by being self motivated to finish the jobs that are assigned to them.  With parental notices on whether or not certain jobs are done, you can encourage them without being overbearing.

Teaching kids responsibility takes time and isn’t something that happens by accident.  It takes intentional encouragement and patience.  Be excited for their growth, lead and guide them along the way, and then let them fly.

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