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Giving Back: Kid-friendly Charities

November 6th, 2012 - Category: Teaching Kids to Give

Teaching a child the importance of giving is as fundamental to their future financial health as teaching them to save. The key is to connect their gifts with a charity that benefits a cause they care about. Soon giving is less of a chore and more of an honor. When thinking about available charities, consider your child’s passions and connect them accordingly.

 Charities for Humanitarians

Water for People works to build a world where all people have access to safe drinking water. If your child connects with other cultures through documentaries, books, or pictures, this is a great way to bring those ideas home.


American Red Cross is an emergency relief organization. If your family has ever been caught in the middle of a disaster, or if your child is heavily burdened by constant news coverage of those across the country, this is a great way for them to give back.

CHOICE Humanitarian is dedicated to teaching skills and sharing resources with underprivileged villages to help them break the cycle of poverty. This group is ideal for a child with a heart for helping the less fortunate.


United Way mobilizes communities to work towards a common good. This charity is perfect for kids that want to have their money help several humanitarian efforts at one time.


Charities to Help Other Kids

Phoenix Children’s Hospital provides healthcare for children and families. This hospital is an excellent connection point for kids who have either had medical issues or who have a desire to go into the medical field.


Children’s Miracle Network provides funding to children’s hospitals. If you have an up-and-coming pediatricians, or if your child has had a first-hand experience with a medical condition, this is a great way for them to give back.


Operation Smile’s sole purpose is to heal children’s smiles. This is great organization for kids that love smiling, happiness, and allowing their joy to sore. The gift of a healthy smile lasts a lifetime.



Charities that Connect Passions

One Laptop Per Child empowers children in developing countries by connecting them with laptops. This is an excellent way to help tech-savvy kids share their passion with school-age kids across the globe.


American Cancer Society raises money to find a cure for cancer and help those already diagnosed. This charity can be empowering for children who had a first-hand experience with a loved one with cancer.


Save the Earth raises environmental awareness. If your child wants to have a direct impact on the environment, this charity helps them do more than conserve energy in their own home.


World Bicycle Relief offers independence and livelihood by giving bicycles to those who can benefit from them. This is a great connection for athletic kids who are looking to share their passion.


Charities for Animal Lovers

Heifer International provides livestock to help families become self-reliant. This is a great charity for up-and-coming FFA members, animal lovers, or rural kids.


Polar Bear Survival Program is dedicated to educating people about the threats against polar bears and to help those in accredited zoos. This is a great charity for those with a passion for endangered species.

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