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Holiday To-Do List

November 20th, 2012 - Category: Organization

If your to-do list for the holidays is anything like mine, I’m sure it’s a long one.  Cutting it down in size, delegating, and planning ahead, can help everyone enjoy the season and the festivities a little more.

Start by downsizing. 

Take a second look at that list and see if there are items on it that you can do without.  Will anyone really notice if the napkins are folded in half, rather than spending hours folding them into a detailed origami turkey?  Maybe a few store bought desserts can be added to fill in the tray of homemade ones?  If having all the kids in matching outfits is really important to you, then by all means, match, but if not, maybe that is something that can be compromised for the sake of having a less stressful day.

Then, prepare ahead.

Be sure to have all of the grocery shopping done before the big day.   Non-perishable items can even be bought weeks before.  Be sure to give your house a deep clean several weeks prior so that just a quick wipe down is needed before guests arrive.   Cook as much ahead of time as possible and freeze it.

Next, delegate.

Guests usually love to contribute to the meal.  Ask them if they have a signature dish they would like to bring, and then that’s one less side for you to worry about.

Enlist the help of your family.   From the oldest to the youngest, there is bound to be something they can all help with.  Offer to pay them for help with chores that are above and beyond their normal responsibilities.  They will probably jump at the opportunity to earn some extra money to buy Christmas gifts for their friends and family.   Here are some ideas of items that you may be able to delegate to younger helpers.

  •             Polish the silverware
  •             Wipe the glasses
  •             Make creative name tags
  •             Babysit while you are cooking
  •             Clean the house beforehand
  •             Help prepare food
  •             Set or clear the table
  •             Wash or dry the dishes
  •             Take or prepare dessert orders

Now, sit back and enjoy the food and the company.

If things still seem a little more stressful than you would like, take a minute to remember what the day is for.  Count the many blessings in your life.  Name them, one by one, and then spend more time with them.

During this holiday season, would like to take a minute to thank all of you for your continued support.  We hope that our online job chart is helping you stay a little more organized while teaching your children the value of work and how to manage their money.  We hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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