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The Importance of Chores

November 28th, 2012 - Category: Chores

In today’s society it seems that kids have lots of clothes, lots of expensive gadgets, lots of friends, and lots of fun, but not a lot of chores.  In the past, chores were a part of every child’s life.  Are chores just not as important as they used to be?

Just the opposite.  Now, more than ever, children need to do chores (even when they don’t feel like it).  Today’s culture is eroding good work ethic and replacing it with lazy people.  Let’s look at some of the benefits of having your child do chores.

1.  Chores build their self-esteem.  Doing chores teaches children responsibility and respect.  It gives them a chance to feel important because they are contributing regularly.  They can work hard and look back at the job they have completed and feel a sense of accomplishment.

2.  Chores give them a good work ethic.  Helping out around the house will teach them the importance of a job well done.  In our instant gratification world, children need to learn that some things take work, before you can be satisfied with the results.

3.  Chores teach them the value of keeping things clean and organized.  If they know they will have to wipe off the bathroom countertop, then they will probably think twice before walking away and leaving a blob of toothpaste in the sink.

4.   Chores help develop a sense of family unity.  Everyone is part of the family so everyone gets to help. No one is above anyone else, because everyone has to do them.  Chores set a pattern of helping others.  They have to clean up messes that they didn’t necessarily make themselves.

5.  Chores aid in learning basic housekeeping skills.  We all want our children to grow into contributing members of our society when they are adults.  Learning the basic skills of housekeeping while they are young, will set them on the right path.

6.  Chores balance the family workload.  Too often mom is overburdened and overworked because of the lack of help from other family members with housework.  Down time is needed for fun interaction and relationship building opportunities. can help you as you teach your children the importance of chores.  With our interactive website, kids are excited and encouraged to do their chores.  Set up your child’s chores and manage them with a click of the mouse.  Give them an advantage of a lifetime by letting them help with chores.

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