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December 19th, 2012 - Category: Member Endorsements

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your website,!

No more trying to reinvent the wheel every couple of months as my kids get bored with sticker charts or ugly job wheels posted on the walls, etc.  And no more nagging and feeling frustrated as I try to teach them responsibility!

We have used online for over a year and we’re still going strong! I have 5 kids and it just plain and simple works and my kids and I love it! They really like going online in the mornings and checking off their completed jobs! And I love receiving a text when my child is done with all their jobs.  It gives me an opportunity to praise them and catch them being good rather than nagging them to get to work!

This year for Christmas, my kids have even spent their money buying Christmas presents for each other!  It is perfect because they can look at each others wish list online and surprise them with exactly what they want.  They are especially excited about giving their presents this year because they were the ones to actually earn the money for them.

I am anticipating them being more grateful this year too, since they know how much work it is to earn each item!

And as an added bonus, our house has been running more smoothly this holiday season since they are all looking for extra work to do! Thanks so much for coming up with this invaluable tool! We love!

Merry Christmas!

Melissa and Ritchie B. Family, California


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