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December 12th, 2012 - Category: My Job Chart

Hi! Here’s our story of a recent experience with your website.

We have been using for probably over a year, and we like it.

In August, my 11 year old niece came to live with us. As far as we know, she was never expected to do chores before, aside from cleaning her own room when it was really awful. We were shocked when she immediately latched onto the system of   She is a high energy kid and was actually asking for more housework to do so that:

One, she would have something to do


Two, so that she could earn points. (or in other words, MONEY :)

It took time to teach her how to do chores.  Her favorite part was adding prizes as she thought of them.

Because of my niece’s upbringing, she was totally impulsive anytime we would walk into a store. I had to say, “No, we can’t buy that. It isn’t on my list…” dozens of times. When her job chart was set up, I could say, “We’ll put it on your prize list when we get home.” Many times, she didn’t even remember, but if she did, then we would add it. She eventually earned a used iPod Nano, a folding zebra chair, a pillow with an iPod speaker inside, and a set of BFF (Best Friends Forever)  necklaces for her and a friend. (Now I am not lavish with points — she really did that much work!)

Another benefit was that when she would say “Let’s all go to Dairy Queen! I want a Dairy Queen treat tonight! ” I could say “Do you want to spend 2000 of your points to buy a treat for everyone?” and that would be the end of that conversation!  And when she started asking if we could fly her back to her mom, it was easy to say, “Can you earn 40,000 points?  That would be close to half of a ticket. No? Hmmm.” (mean ol’ Aunt Michele)

With the system, she learned many lessons.  She learned delayed gratification by having to wait until she had enough points to buy a certain prize.  She also learned that she is an impulsive buyer, and that she doesn’t actually want most of what she asks for. She learned the value of a dollar, the price of objects, and how much work it takes to earn them. And she found joy in earning her prizes. Hopefully now she will take better care of what she has worked for.

Unfortunately she has gone back to live with her mom, but we trust that she won’t forget all that she has learned while living with us!

So, thanks for such a useful tool. helped us during a difficult time for our family!

Michele K


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