Chores from a Kids Point of View


Are you constantly nagging your kids to finish their chores?  Excuse me, reminding your kids to do their chores?  And then when they do their chores, they are either so slow at it, or so terrible at it, that you wonder why you even try?  Let’s look at chores from a kids point of view to see if we can solve the problem.


Chores are Boring

When was the last time you were excited about folding the laundry, or emptying out the dishwasher?  Even as adults, we can agree that chores are boring.


There Is No Satisfaction in Doing Chores

Even if there is a slight hint of satisfaction at a job well done when the floor is mopped and clean, the idea of having dinner in another hour and food being spilled all over it is quite a damper. Chores never seem to say done.  It always has to be washed again, made again, folded again, put up again, or cleaned again.  Hard to find the satisfaction in that.


There are Other Fun Things To Do

If it’s a choice between video games or riding bikes, your child may ask, “With who?”  But if you give them a choice of dusting the blinds or football at the part, they’re on their way already.  Of course there are things that are more fun than yucky, dirty, chores that their parents make them do.


As much as we would like our kids to do chores for the sake of duty or responsibility, that just isn’t realistic.  Kids do not see the big picture and they don’t have the same moral structure as adults do.  They aren’t going to be able to look at a job, realize that it’s for the good of the family if the house gets vacuumed before lunch, and not only vacuum the living room but the den as well, just because company might come over.

So how do you tip the scales and have them do their chores even though they are boring, repetitive, and there are many thing that they would rather be doing instead?  You pay them!

As adults we don’t like to work for free either.  If you reward your child for doing their chores, you have a much greater chance that the chores will get done.  And not just done, but done well, and in the time frame specified. makes it easy to reward your children for doing their chores.  Each job has appointed points and points can be redeemed as you specify.  Make chores rewarding and you’ll see them getting done.

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