Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Since the beginning of the new year, we have had a chance to look back and take note of all that MyJobChart.com has accomplished and look ahead to what is in store.  Of course none of what is accomplished could be done without the participation of all of you, the parents and kids that use MyJobChart.com.  For instance, did you know that there are currently 287,450 members signed up, over 12.9 million jobs that have been completed, and over 144 million points that have been accumulated on MyJobChart.com.  If you ask me, that makes for a cleaner, happier, more productive, and more responsible generation.

Our children, and I say our, because I’m not only the founder but my kids use MyJobChart.com too, are growing up with a stronger sense of what it takes to earn a dollar.  They are learning how to obey and the benefits of it.  All in all, we are reaping the benefits of chores.

But don’t take my word for it.  Janelle, from Kansas says, “I love MyJobChart.com because it helps my kids be more responsible about getting their chores done.”  Or Doug, from Ohio says, “My wife was pulling her hair out one day because the house was a mess and the kids wouldn’t help.  I found MyJobChart.com online and we started it the next day.  Since then, my kids are asking to help and my wife is enjoying our home again.”

You’re experience with MyJobChart.com may be similar to these.  Whatever the outcome, I hope it is a good one.  We would love it if you could share how MyJobChart.com has helped in your house.  And we’d love to hear any suggestions of how we may improve as well.

In fact, it was a parent that asked if we could make MyJobChart.com accessible from her smart phone.  Well, you talked and we listened.  I’m excited to announce that by the end of this month we will be launching a new iphone/ipad app as well as an android app.  Now you can check chores done and receive messages even when you’re not at home.

Speaking of messages, there have been over 211,000 messages sent to kids and over 133,000 messages sent to parents on our clever message board.  If you aren’t already using MyJobChart.com, sign up today and you could join in on the millions of chores that are being completed today!

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