The Benefits of Online Chore Charts

How do you keep track of chores at your house?  Do you have a paper that you have to print out every week with updates and changes?  Or maybe it is a big poster on the wall with magnets or clothespins or word strips that get lost under the couch?  Maybe it’s one with stickers, and the stickers always get pulled off or you forget to go buy more?  Here’s another one, maybe it’s in chalk or dry erase board, and every time you walk by you have to fix the scuff that someone accidently wiped off?  How many hours have you spent just making and managing your chore charts?

If you’ve always had a hard time sticking with a system, there is a better solution.  Have you ever considered an online chore chart?  Think about it.  In our fast paced, instant gratification, tech savvy world, how better to get your children to be motivated about doing their chores?


Build and Manage With Ease

No more hours spent finding all of those pictures to put on your chart or using rulers to make the tables just right.  No need to change the whole format of your chart just to add another job. makes it easy to build and manage your child’s chores online.  Sometimes it’s just a matter of communicating exactly what you expect to your children, and we make that easy.  With the touch of a button you can add specific and general chores.  You can also set up personal hygiene objectives, homework and reading desires, and even behavior goals.


Simple to Keep Track Of

Keep track of completed jobs, points earned, savings, gifts, and rewards.  And there’s no need to feel tied to the computer to make it happen. can even send you an email or a text when your child’s chores are complete or when they have cashed in their points.


Easy Follow Through

I don’t know how many times our previous systems didn’t work because as the parent, I had a hard time following through with the payment.  Either I didn’t have enough time to get the change I needed to pay everyone, or we didn’t keep good enough track of what each child had saved over time.  Well, with, each child can keep their savings in their own bank account, and when they make purchases online, a text will be sent to you so you know how much money was taken out of your bank account.  There couldn’t be anything simpler.  No more counting quarters!


If you need a new chore chart, why not give us a try?  We’ll take the chore out of your chore charts and get you back in control of your home management.


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