Deciding What to Pay for Chores


You know that kids are more likely to do their chores, do them better, and do them faster if they get a reward at the end.  But how do you figure out what dollar amount to attach to each chore?  Everyone has specific situations, but here’s an idea for a place to start.

For some reason, it is easier as adults to figure out how much a person should get paid per hour, and harder to figure out how much you should pay someone to clean out the sink.  So, lets figure out how much your child should get paid per hour.  Yep an hour.  That doesn’t mean they will be working for an hour.  But if they were, how much would you pay them for an hours worth of work?

This number is usually most dependant on their age.  For example,  you may give your 12 year old $6 per hour, and only give $3 per hour to your 6 year old.  But other things may come into play here, like how mature they are, or how much you make an hour.

Now, take their hourly wage and divide it by sixty to see how much your child should make per minute.  So, If you are paying your 12 year old $6 per hour, that would be 10 cents for each minute of work.  This is their minute wage.

Next, we are going to start figuring out how much time it takes to do each chore.  Watch your children do their chores for a week or two and keep track of how long it takes to do certain tasks, down to the minute.

Lastly, multiply the number of minutes it takes for them to finish a job, by their minute wage, and you have your job pay rate.

So, if I’m paying my 12 year old $6 per hour, or 10 cents per minute, and it takes him 3 minutes to clean a window, he would get 30 cents to clean the window.  Or if it takes him 5 minutes to clean the sliding glass door, that would be worth 50 cents, and so forth.

Be sure to update your “hourly” rate as their ages increase and check in on your job pay rates every now and then to make sure that they are fair.  As your children get older they will be able to finish their chores faster so, your time table and job pay rates need to be adjusted accordingly. makes it easy to reward your children for doing their chores.  And never fear if you set up a chore with a reward that is way too easy or just the opposite, never going to get done.  With just a click of a button, you can change the reward that each job is worth and keep things fair and on track.

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