Making Chores Fun For Kids Around The House

Having a chore list alone is not a guarantee kids will do them, and I’m not sure I’ve met a child yet that looks at chores with excitement and thrill.  But it doesn’t have to be dread and dragging, you can put some fun back into those daily responsibilities.   Here are a few ways to put the FUN back into household chores.

Make chores around the house fun

Making chores fun, isn’t all that hard!

  1. Make it a competition.  I like kids vs. adults and doing it this way often encourages and incentivizes your kids to work together in order to take you down as the parent.  For example, time who can clean their bathroom and bedroom quicker.  Winner gets to pick a fun family activity for everyone at the conclusion of the competition.  
  2. Crank up the music and dance right alongside them.  Yes, you may feel odd dancing with the vacuum or clean dishes but time will fly by so much faster with the distraction of the music (and your awful dance moves).  Your kids will love the fact that it is likely one of the only times they are given the freedom to let it roar.
  3. Add in creative challenges to mix it up a bit.  For example if there is job is dusting and they are right handed, challenge them to do the dusting by only using their left hand or better yet, have them vacuum on one foot.  Not only will these challenges likely result in a few good laughs, when they decide to go back to “the normal way” it will seem so easy and quick due to their enlightened perspective.  
  4. Build a story around the chore (or have them build the story).  For example rather than simply having them clean their room, build a story around it like this.  Your bedroom is a city and that city has been notified that a citizen has hidden a dangerous device somewhere that if not found within 30 min could potentially harm all its residents.  In order to find this device, you must clear all items from the floor and then uncover the device (which you’ve creatively hidden underneath the pile of dirty laundry).

Chores don’t have to be painful or the source of conflict if you will pause for a second and throw the fun back into it.  Now – go have some fun!

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