Spring Cleaning Our Closets

Every spring greets us with the reminder that it is once again time to clean out those closets (and all the other great hiding spots our kids use to stash their clothes).
Around our house, our kids have outgrown a few of their clothes that were perfect just last summer.  A task my daughter dreads more than a dentist trip, is spending an afternoon going through her closet and trying on all her clothes to figure out what needs to be gifted to someone a few inches shorter.

Going through clothes

Not everyone will have this much fun going through old clothes.

So, how can you turn this process into something fun?  How can trying on clothes for hours be looked at with something other than dread?
Make it a runway spectacular.
After trying on everything and identifying that give-away pile, have a fashion show. Give those clothes one last wear as your kids creatively mix and match those styles (the wackier the better) for an energy-filled fashion-forward experience.
Let your daughter wear her ugly brown PJ bottoms with a sassy hot pink tank and some torn-up sneakers. Throw on a raincoat and a scarf and you are to the runway. Make sure and take lots of pics. You can bring them out during next year’s runway prep time. Judge the outfits and crown a winner before placing them in the never to be seen again pile.

Spring cleaning, donating old clothes

This is from one of our fashion shows!

Let them be part of the give-away process.  
Research an organization that helps moms and children that have been displaced from domestic violence.  Your kids will be saddened and shocked to hear that often these kids flee with nothing more than the clothes on their back.  Talk about how many kids will be impacted by these clothes and then let them go with you to make the delivery. The memory of this will make next year’s cleaning time much more enjoyable for your kids.
Our kids often take on the attitudes they see us display.  If they think we are dreading it, they will assume it isn’t fun.  If however they see us laughing and looking forward to it with anticipation it is likely that at least a little of this will rub off on them.

Kathryn Prusinski is first and foremost a mom and wife who wants to do her part in building happy and healthy families. When she isn’t spending time with family, Kathryn is working as a consultant in strategy and leadership where she helps executives manage professional and personal success. You can find her every fall cheering on her OU Sooners in football. Kathryn believes it isn’t about abilities but our availabilities — so what are you doing to make yourself available to your family?
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