Spring Time Chores

cleaning with kids

Spring time is a one of the best times of the year to reinforce the habit of doing chores. Even kids can be energized for spring cleaning, and if a chore chart is already being implemented in your household this is the perfect time of year to change it up and add some deep cleaning to your list.

Remember when giving out chores to kids at younger ages to be very specific and have realistic expectations.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Have them go through their toy bins and pick the toys they no longer play with to donate to charity. Give them some sort of visual representation of how many toys they need to get rid of. Tell them that they’re toy bin cannot be overflowing, that (if it has one) the lid must be able to shut all the way.  
  • Follow our guide for emptying out their closets in the funnest way possible one of our last postings.
  • Working along side of your children, especially the younger ones is a great way to model behavior and keep the day fun for both of you.

Now that you have them working be sure to, reward them in new, exciting ways relating to spring!

  • Take up gardening with them as your aid! Make it a tradition to tend the garden after all the chores are done in the house.
  • Expand your family’s taste buds by cooking with your little one a few nights a week after everything’s picked up. Let them pick out dishes to try online or just ask them for a few ideas for dinner.
  • Reward them with a craft of their choice! Teach them the joys of finishing an activity, have them pick one from Zingity and work together to finish it!
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