End of the School Year Parties

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I’m not sure about you but in our household we are counting down the days until the end of the school year. Regardless of whether the thought of summer brings cheers or stress, I suspect you too have that count-down going! Regardless of what your summer plans are and how you plan to maintain your family’s sanity, I believe the end of the year is cause for celebration!

It doesn’t matter if it’s, “we made it out alive or you rocked it academically” you should take the time to celebrate it. There is no need to run to the craft store for decorations or withdraw money to pay for the celebration – it doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive to be fun.

Here are a few parties we’ve had that have worked just fine.

  1. Movie Marathon – PJ’s required.  Pick a theme that your child enjoys – for us it was Harry Potter. Rent two or three movies (or record them in advance off cable TV) and require PJ’s or “themed attire” for admission. Order a $5 pizza and grab a couple bags of chips and cookies (I always go for the cheap and easy). Throw a bunch of blankets and pillows down in the living room and let the fun begin.
  2. Have your own field day in the park. Invite your child’s friends to bring nerf guns and water guns and you supply the water balloons. In order to boost the fun and expand the challenge, do it as the sun is setting. Field days will guarantee you two things: a TON of laughter and kids who will sleep through the night and late into the next day!
  3. Salon Makeovers – Set up stations for hair, makeup and nails. Let the girls help each other as they listen to music and get glammed for a night on the town. Find a free concert or movie in the park and take your glammed up girls along with a cheap pizza or drive-through and let them strut their stuff over a picnic. We did this at an outdoor mall having a free concert and we had to drag the girls (in their dresses and fancy faces) out of the venue.

School is stressful and hard for kids and parents alike so take the time to celebrate the end of another year and toast to a successful summer that will come and go quickly.

Kathryn Prusinski is first and foremost a mom and wife who wants to do her part in building happy and healthy families. When she isn’t spending time with family, Kathryn is working as a consultant in strategy and leadership where she helps executives manage professional and personal success. You can find her every fall cheering on her OU Sooners in football. Kathryn believes it isn’t about abilities but our availabilities — so what are you doing to make yourself available to your family?
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